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An advertising agency is a service based business dedicated to creating,
planning, and handling advertising for clients.

Economics Department

We help entrepreneurs who are looking for financing solutions and funding for their start-up, investment or expansion projects.

If you and your company are correctly positioned, you will become a customer happier by placing value offers with every customer contact. You have offers that your customers appreciate and are willing to pay for. Learn how you can develop new ideas independently and thus turn customer success into a perpetual motion machine. The business results show the quality of your company.

With our funding management we support entrepreneurs in the effective and legally secure integration and settlement of public funding in their projects.

As a company leader, your task is not only to keep an eye on day-to-day business, but you are also entrusted with building up and expanding the company.

Entrepreneurs should use all the data available in the company to drive corporate development. We support you in the development of control objectives, measures, their implementation and success control. You don't have time to deal with operational control figures or you need an objective view of your results, but you don't want to hire a controller? Then you should save personnel costs and outsource regular controlling.

As an entrepreneur, are you caught up in day-to-day business and don’t have time to deal with operational control figures? Do you need an undisguised, objective view of your expenses and income? Are you satisfied with your bookkeeping, but the interpretation of the results is poor? Then you should get external help on board.

It is important that the company's true earnings potential is determined. In this way, a largely objective picture can be drawn for an acquisition. A missing company valuation lengthens the buying or selling process, increases time pressure and may even make the company unattractive.

Most entrepreneurs still feel that the General Data Protection Regulation is a regulatory monster.
Many say: “Should I now do that in addition to my daily business?” And give up. This is usually
justified with: “I’m much too small anyway, nothing will happen to me”. Still, the penalties are
severe and hurt small businesses in particular.

Owners or managing directors must provide equity and debt capital providers with regular, clearly structured and professional information on the vitality of the company. We support you in maintaining the trust of your partners in good and bad times.

Have no more fear of the "new" GDPR and know that the data of employees, service providers and customers will be processed in accordance with the GDPR. Your company receives support from an external data protection officer.

The transfer of companies or company values can have different reasons. The most common reason is the age-related company handover. But we also support our clients with the expansion or sale of sub-units of a portfolio from the preparation to the conclusion of the purchase contract.

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