Controlling advice

As an entrepreneur, you want to use all the data available in your company effectively in order to derive valuable information for the strategy and the development of the company. We support you in the development of control objectives, measures, their implementation and success control.

Our clients

Focus on the important information
Draw the right conclusions for the preparation of a cost-benefit calculation
Can calculate their products, hourly and machine hourly rates more precisely
Develop clear reports that are tailored to the company

What we do

Conceive cost-benefit calculations and support the introduction
Implementation of your individual contribution margin calculation
Supervision of integrated financial planning
Consolidate your company results
External controlling

Our clients make business decisions based on reliable information. You recognize the interactions between the individual planning or result components and see problem areas at a glance.



Frequently Asked Questions

We are frequently contacted on the following topics:

  1. How do I create plan data and plan balance sheets?
  2. How can I develop a budgeted P&L?
  3. How do I read my BWA?
  4. What does my liquidity planning tell me and how do I manage my liquidity?
  5. Which analyses and simulations help me manage my business?
  6. How do I evaluate my monthly results?

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