Integrated Planning

As a company leader, your task is not only to keep an eye on day-to-day business, but you are also entrusted with building up and expanding the company. In order to master these tasks as successfully as possible, you need up-to-date information on the overall state of the company. 20 Reporting actual values is not enough for this. It is helpful to continuously compare the current status with the expected one and to connect the different partial plans with one another.

Our clients

Have an overview of the interaction between balance sheet, income statement and cash flow
How do you react to changes in your BWA?
Get a realistic outlook with rolling planning
Have a continuous evaluation of the relevant key figures
Include strategic goals in your decisions
Can act faster by considering different scenarios
Get insight into the economic consequences of today's decisions

What we do

Creation of an integrated business plan
Examination of liquidity planning and disclosure of excess or shortfall
Simulation or consideration of scenarios
Development of measures and calculation of their effects
Development of a standardized management report

With the integrated corporate planning you have a qualitative and quantitative insight into your
competitiveness and profit situation. You are able to identify current or future financing needs,
correctly assess your equity position and structure your financing correctly



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