Company Valuation

We find a marketable handover or takeover price for our clients, whether as a buyer or seller of a company. For the seller of a company, the selling price usually represents part of the security, for example in old age. The buyers of a company have to pay special attention to the sustainability of the takeover, because they have to e.g. Repay a bank loan from the company’s surpluses.

Our clients

Receive support in finding a successor upon request
Go into negotiations with a marketable price for your life's work
Minimize risks in one-sided or superficial brief assessments
Gaining confidence in the preparation of a company handover or takeover
Receive ratings according to the current IDW S1 or IDW S13 standards

What we do

We first carry out a summary check as to whether the purchase of the desired company or the sale of your company is possible
We determine all facts relevant to the valuation
We determine and check the plausibility of the purchase or sale price, taking into account your ideas, the conditions on the market and our experience
You will receive a written assessment of the company's value

Our clients recognize the difference between a company’s value and purchase price. Equipped with this and other information, they can go into purchase or sales negotiations with the appropriate knowledge and confidence.



Frequently Asked Questions

We are frequently contacted on the following topics:

  1. What types of valuation are there for companies?
  2. Which is the right valuation procedure for my situation?
  3. How long does a business valuation take?
  4. Does a business valuation affect my operational business?

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