Our Values

  • We are trailblazers – We see ourselves as champions for the goals of our clients.
  • We are advisors – In every project we help people to develop personally as well.
  • We have stamina – Even in difficult situations, we stick to the goals we have set until they are achieved.
  • We increase (corporate) values – We identify benefits and win-win situations in every project.


We take care of our clients, cooperation partners and our network very seriously. If we take into account that no two projects are alike and that economic conditions and the requirements of those involved are constantly changing, it is not possible to demonstrate a 100 percent success rate with a 20-minute telephone call and a standard offer. In the individual consultation it is necessary to grasp, structure and prepare the many facets of your project. That takes time!


We want to give all clients the attention they need. For this
reason, it is necessary not to waste consulting time on pointless inquiries and hopeless project ideas. We much prefer to invest this time in promising projects.

Current information

You will find a lot of useful information on our website, which is often quoted in specialist journals and publications. You will rarely find well-founded, tested
and implementable instructions on the Internet – from practice and for practice. You are welcome to use this for your own preparation and work on your goals.

Continuous training

In order to be at your side with words and deeds and to
always have our finger on the pulse, we too have to invest in training. That’s several thousand euros a year.

Your concern

We take our clients’ concerns seriously and give them our full attention. We expect the same from them. A lot of basic information for coping with the daily tasks of an entrepreneur can be found on our website – free of charge!

All interested parties who want to successfully advance their project must be aware that good information is also worth good money. Whoever cannot or does not want to accept this is unfortunately not our customer. We have greatest successes with serious entrepreneurs.

Your added value

Our advice will provide you with years of added value, which can often be expressed in euros. The right combination of funding alone can mean around 21,000 euros in interest with a financing volume of 500,000 euros, which you either save or pay “too much”. Or you overlook possible funding for your project, then you gamble away up to 150,000 EUR. Such effects alone, the added experience gained from dozens of projects and access to a network of specialists exceeds the investment in consulting services many times over.