The bookkeeping of companies is subject to a multitude of regulations. Although most entrepreneurs have heard of the “Principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access”, GoBD for short, most are convinced that they are covered by hiring their tax advisor. However, this is wrong. The principles of the GoBD must be implemented in your company to ensure compliance.

Our clients receive

Implement the GoBD requirements in your company
Avoid additional assessments by the tax office
Receive a precise description of the cash register systems used
Develop work instructions with us
Develop set-up protocols and programming instructions

What we do

Joint determination of the situation in the company
Uncovering the weak points
Examination, evaluation and processing of individual questions
Introduction of GoBD-compliant procedural documentation
If desired, support in updating

With our data protection management system, you are able to act quickly, with a reasonable
amount of effort and no longer need to fear possible controls by data protection officers.


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