Most entrepreneurs still feel that the General Data Protection Regulation is a regulatory monster. Many say:

“Should I now do that in addition to my daily business?”

And give up. This is usually justified with:

“I’m much too small anyway, nothing will happen to me”.

Still, the penalties are severe and hurt small businesses in particular.
Since we were faced with the same problem, with our data protection folder we have developed a data protection management system that is especially suitable for companies that do not need a data protection officer and still have to comply with the regulations. With a manageable amount of your own effort and investment, you will gain security in the event of GDPR confusion by using the documents tailored to your company.

Our clients receive

An annual audit on request
All the documents and forms you need
Usually have less than 15 hours of implementation effort
A contact person at your side if you wish
An instrument approved by a lawyer

What we do

We work with you to determine the situation in the company
We uncover weak points together
We check, evaluate and process individual questions
We are introducing a data protection management system
We make you GDPR-ready

With our data protection management system, you are able to act quickly, with a reasonable
amount of effort and no longer need to fear possible controls by data protection officers.


Please contact our data protection officer directly
and discuss your needs with him.