Corporate Finance

With specialist knowledge, instinct and a large network of banks, private investors and development institutions, we help entrepreneurs who are looking for financing solutions and subsidies for their start-up, investment or expansion projects.

Our clients

Avoiding gross financial errors that can threaten your existence,
Finding the right structure for your financing and the project - even with syndicated financing,
Have the best possible terms and conditions
Successfully incorporate funding and government grants into the project.

What we do

In advance, we jointly determine your business situation and discuss your plans
As soon as the essential factors have been determined, we assess the business model and the competitive situation
We forecast the development of your sales opportunities
We evaluate costs and income
We check the development of the company's earnings and liquidity situation, taking into account the project and the financing
We will accompany you to all funding and financing discussions until the project is completed

With viable concepts, tailored to your company and the project, you will gain the trust you needfrom capital and funding providers. Almost 95% of our financing and subsidy inquiries in almost 15 years have been successful.



Frequently Asked Questions

We are frequently contacted on the following topics:

  1. How do I secure financing through banks?
  2. What alternative financing instruments (such as leasing and factoring) are there?
  3. How do I draw up a business plan?
  4. Where can I obtain funding and suitable funding support?
  5. How do I create a proof of use?

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