Financial communication

As owner or managing director, it is your task to provide equity and debt capital providers with regular, clearly structured and professional information on the vitality of the company. This is the only way you can maintain the trust of your partners in good times and bad. This has been essential since the introduction of the rating at banks – but its importance is underestimated by most companies.

Our clients

Avoid a lot of annoying queries from equity and debt capital providers due to incomplete documents and information
Seeing clearly with correct and checked documents rather than looking into a crystal ball
Avoid serious and negative consequences for your business
Get the best interest rates because the bank does not charge any risk premiums
Keep the house bank as a partner in bad times

What we do

Examination of the existing data in the company
Brief analysis (qualitative and quantitative) of your company with our rating tool
Evaluation and disclosure of potential for improvement
Determination of the necessary data for financial communication - adapted to the size of your company
Professional preparation of the data for your equity and debt capital providers (word and text)
Recommendation of further confidence-building measures for you and your company

With financial communication adapted to your company, which has a close interface to controlling, you no longer stand out as a defaulting supplier of information to your credit institution, for example, and always secure the best conditions and a minimum of collateral for a credit commitment.



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