Private and public construction law

Private individuals and entrepreneurs alike increasingly require legal support in the planning, implementation and development of construction projects of any complexity. This begins with the increasingly complicated and lengthy approval procedures and ends with the hiring of construction companies, construction supervision, implementation of the construction project and its further development.

All stages of such a project are afflicted with legal issues that increasingly require the support of a specialized legal advisor.

Our clients

Receive support in the targeted direction of the building application, as well as assistance in the approval process, including correspondence with the building authorities.
Maintain an overview of the status of the application process and the time schedule
Can start commissioning general contractors or subcontractors without any worries
Are professionally represented in private or administrative proceedings

What we do

Support in the preparation of a building project, if necessary, also in the acquisition process, as well as in the building permit procedure
Professional and economically sensible representation of interests of construction law proceedings of any kind
Drafting the necessary contracts

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