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Business economist, commercial lawyer and owner

Marek Schwiesau

Mr Schwiesau has the gift of quickly grasping complex issues, putting them in a logical order and drawing the right conclusions from them. This enables him to quickly create order in a chaotic environment. On this basis, he quickly identifies relevant problems even in challenging situations and works out the appropriate solutions together with the clients. Mr Schwiesau intuitively recognises the wishes and needs of his clients and works with them to realise them.


Frauke Peters

Ms Peters is a listed BAFA consultant and shares her knowledge and experience with clients. Every successful project is a team effort. Ms Peters is reliable and loyal and not infrequently makes the projects her heart’s desire. She supports the clients in brainstorming and elaborating ideas with as many data and facts as possible in order to present the projects in a way that is both interesting and plausible to outsiders.

Subsidy specialist

Helmtraud Schwiesau

Ms Schwiesau is an administrative specialist and before her retirement was a senior government official at the Saxony-Anhalt State Audit Office, where she was involved in the sovereign audit and evaluation of public and private funding projects. Her decades of experience in the sovereign audit of funding projects is available to our clients without restriction. She supports the team of the consultancy manufactory in solving complex individual cases and difficult delimitation issues.


Daniela Veronik Burchart

Internship period: 03/2021 until 08/2021

Bachelor student in the Department of Economics at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

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