Busi­ness Law

Whe­ther estab­li­shing new com­pa­nies or res­truc­tu­ring exis­ting ones — our law firm advi­ses pri­ma­ri­ly small and medi­um-sized com­pa­nies that don’t have an own legal depart­ment on all legal issues rela­ting to their busi­ness acti­vi­ties. This includes, among others, com­pen­sa­ti­on and war­ran­ty law, gene­ral civil law, but also com­mer­cial and cor­po­ra­te law.

Our cli­ents

Find sup­port in the estab­lish­ment of their business 
Recei­ve advice on all aspects of busi­ness development 
Have a com­pe­tent part­ner for legal issues at their side 

What we do

Deter­mi­na­ti­on of the scope of con­sul­ting in an initi­al meeting 
Con­duc­ting due dili­gence pri­or to the sale or purcha­se of a company 
Pre­pa­ra­ti­on of rele­vant con­tracts (e.g. artic­les of association/partnership agreement) 
Accom­p­animent to rele­vant appointments 
and much more 

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